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White Sage Incense

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In the Indian tradition, white sage incense plays an important role in cleaning the space and driving away negative energies. The basis of all rituals is a bundle of white sage.

Its popularity is also growing in Europe due to its purging, disinfecting and protective effects.

An excellent companion when quieting the mind is the goal, for meditation and yoga practice.

Its smoke exudes a strong, characteristic scent of sage.

The size of the bundles is approx.:10 cm

You will find 1 bundle in the package.

Each bundle is handmade, no two are alike.


The incense bundles are made exclusively from dried plants / herbs, which are derived from a qualified and sustainable source.

How to use it

Light the end of the incense in a few moments and smoke where you want to fill the space with positive energy. With your smoke, you can clean your entire home, if you walk around with it in all rooms, the windows are worth keeping open so that all the negative energy can leave.
Once you are done with the space cleaning, in a ceramic, shell or other heat -resistant bowl, vaccinate or cut the end with scissors (this is not required for this Palo Santo incense tree and rope smoking) and leave it in a bowl.

Shipping information

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We plant wood

So far we have planted 1000+ trees with you together

We work with Ecologi, so for every order we receive, we donate 1 tree to Ecologi and they plant 1 new tree for every order we receive, where it is most needed around the world.

Planting trees is a great way for us not only to reduce our greenhouse gas impact and improve the environment, but also to neutralise our own emissions.

We know that the issue of climate change is limitless, which is why we strive to ensure that our efforts are always global.