Soy candle user guide

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The flickering flame of a candle is the most captivating mood light, and fragrant candlelight is the most important part of a cozy, relaxing moment. We sincerely hope that Andyourstories soy candles will fill your days with many intimate moments.

Here's how to use it:make sure you have 2-3 free hours to enjoy the candle light when you first light it, this is when the memory of the candle is formed and it is important to let the scented soy wax melt to the rim of the jar. Do not burn the soy candle for longer than 3-4 hours, as the wax may become too loose. Never use water to extinguish it!

It's very important to pinch off the charred part of the wick with a pair of scissors or your fingers before re-lighting, this small care will help to increase the life of your candle by up to 30%! This is especially important for wooden wick candles. A wooden wick, besides being an indescribably charming "instrument", is also a delicate "instrument". It is very important to always keep the wick at the right size. Do not leave charred, rolled-off pieces of wick in the jar, as they will discolour the creamy, soft colour of the soy wax.

Andyourstories soy wax candles are made with the finest premium quality, natural soy wax, natural essential oils and also premium quality, 100% vegan fragrance oils. The cotton wicks are made fromare made of 100% cotton and are free of precious metals.
A wicks are FSC certified, from responsible and sustainable forestry.

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