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Hinoki Bergamot - AYS Ropogó fa kanóc

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A Hinoki Bergamot a béke és a nyugalom illata, a Hinoki olaját Japánban gyakran használják a fürdőkben a pihentető nyugalom megteremtésére.

A Hinoki örökzöldes illata keveredik a Bergamot citrusosságával és a fekete bors földes, fás jegyeivel, aminek az eredménye egy maszkulin lágy illat, ami azonnal levesz a lábadról, ha oda vagy az ilyen típusú, extra illatokért.

A Hinoki nem egy szuper intenzív illat, lágyan lengi be a teret, szuper választás egy forró, lazító fürdő mellé.

A fa kanócok FSC minősítésűek, felelős és fenntartható erdőgazdaságból származnak.

Fontos, hogy a fa kanóc elszenesedett részét minden meggyújtás előtt törd vissza, hogy egyenletes lánggal éghessen a gyertyád.

Égési ideje: 55 óra, 2 x hosszabb ideig égnek, mint a paraffin alapú társaik. 200 gramm természetes szójaviasz, kézzel öntve Budapesten készül.


The ingredients of AYS soyplaces are qualified, premium raw materials and transparent: 100%vegetable, gmo-free premium soy wax that does not bring any emissions to the environment during burning. Wood wicks are classified by FSC, ie from a responsible and sustainable forestry. The volatile and fragrance oils used are vegans and are never tested in any form, paraben and phthalate free.

Their packaging is plastic -free and redeemable.

All AYS products are manually cast in Budapest.

How to use it

The use of soyplabs is really simple, but if you want to extend the candle life, it is advisable to follow a few tips for use:
When first lit, when the wax memory develops, it is important to burn for 2-3 hours until the wax melts completely to the edge of the glass.
And before each ignition, it is extremely important to break back from the charred part of the wooden wick so that the candle can burn evenly, with a good flame!
All AYS soypaths are made in our workshop in Budapest.

Shipping information

GLS home delivery and package package over 10000 Ft free!📦

GLS delivery // 1290Ft: Each weekly order will be delivered up to 11:45 on the next business day. Orders received after 11:45 will be packed on the next business day and delivered on the next business day. You can move your package at any time to GLS package point in the confirmation email.
Delivery Package Delivery // 950Ft:Each weekly order will be posted up to 11:45 on weekdays and can be picked up within 1-2 business days at the choice of parcel. Orders received after 11:45 will be posted on the next business day.

We plant wood

So far we have planted 900+ trees with you together

We work with Ecologi, so for every order we receive, we donate 1 tree to Ecologi and they plant 1 new tree for every order we receive, where it is most needed around the world.

Planting trees is a great way for us not only to reduce our greenhouse gas impact and improve the environment, but also to neutralise our own emissions.

We know that the issue of climate change is limitless, which is why we strive to ensure that our efforts are always global.